Half Alien Half Human EP

Posted: September 10, 2018 in Teach Yourself

Dear Hip-Hop lovers,

Mr. Alien iPlayA (AlieniPlayA.com),

Has released his debut EP,

“Half Alien Half Human”

Check out this inspirational twist of storytelling and creativity blended into his music.


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“Head Up” just released!

And in addition, the first single off #HalfAlienHalfHumanEP 👽🕴🏽 “Self Reflections” are both out now!

Go listen. #Stream👂🏽

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Long Ago (poem excerpt from ‘In Love Words’ by Steven D. Jackson)


For this full book and more, please visit:


Posted: February 1, 2018 in Teach Yourself

Introducing a Great Writer – Steven D. Jackson


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Please review this press release!


SDJ Books

In Love Words Book 1
By Steven D. Jackson
Is still available for download.
Book 2 has just released today, be sure to also take some time to review that eBook as well. Both are on SDJBooks.com

Audio version for Book 1 is also available.


iPlayA x MDC
‘Back Against The Wall’

New music regarding pain in the format of Hip-Hop by iPlayA with the help of MDC (Million Dolla Criminal). Two Cleveland artist who are very diverse and speak on many different issues in life through songs.

Source: Check out my new single Back Against the Wall distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!

Join the Dark Side!

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Star Wars


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