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Most graphics are used to decorate a document instead of supporting the message. Any graphics I use would include a chart or graph to support success in a particular field. Pictures and drawing usually distract the reader and is used as decorations. I would suggest finding illustrations that support your writing such as collected data or a graph (if you are going to include an illustration).

-Steven D. Jackson


Illustrations are created to make sense of information. Suggestions I give to writers are, use this as a way to draw in a reader, help the reader understand what exactly you mean, this gives an extra way to view data. I use result data to prove my words. It will give a clear reason on your subject matter. My readers will benefit by interpreting illustrations to understand my written works.


-Steven D. Jackson 


Once Upon a Time
-Steven D. Jackson


How important is it to spell someone’s name right in and on a document?

It is important to spell a person’s name correctly, because it shows that you care. When you spell someone’s name wrongly, they could assume it may be a mistake or they do not matter to you. There may be a mutual friend the both of you know whom has a similar name like Steven and Steve. A single letter in a name could raise questions. Would you read something whole heartedly that someone gave you that had your name spelled wrong on it?

-Steven D. Jackson

Happy 22nd date of birth of the man with action,
Jack of many trades; Steven D. Jackson.
When I was young, I studied.
Not just in school, but ways to get money.
I wrote everything I have ever wanted in life,
I have written more than an angel that have died twice.
Sacrificed my old future for my daughter’s.
Now I could see the light, times kept getting darker.
Pinpointing good relations with a permanent marker.
After I have done my best, there is still a reason to go harder.
Am I still growing, I not getting any taller,
Who cares, the amount of people in my life have become smaller.
August 8th was a fresh breath of life.
Not for me, but for daughter Au’Bree’s life.
Creating goals, setting them, and then achieve.
Making my dreams come true, no more make believe.
I am the best person away could meet,
Funny, full of wisdom, and love to eat.
I fart in my sleep, yet I ever sleep,
My dreams are reality, I am in too deep.
I am becoming an old man, I suppose I could not wait,
As I smile the opening minutes of my birthdate, 3/26/??.

-Steven D. Jackson

Business is Personal

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Yes business is personal.

Timothy Lakeman

Your personal vision

There are many business articles and blogs that analyse why personal relationships in business are beneficial.  What I want to touch on is a little deeper being the importance of a personal vision for a SME business owner and how that relates to their business vision.

Business is personal

Many businesses have a business plan that includes operational strategies that underpin the culture, structure and vision of the business.  What is usually lacking is the business owner’s personal vision which should be supported by the business.  The personal vision sits right at the tip of the Business Triangle.

The Business Triangle

The business must provide the business owner with:

  1. The lifestyle that they want
  2. Enough time to enjoy it
  3. The cash to afford it
  4. A valuable, saleable business asset
  5. An outlet to develop the business owners skills

If the business owner is clear on what they want to get out of life they…

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Work Vs. School Proposals

I have not written a proposal for school (yet), but I find it would be a little harder to write than one for work. With work, there is usually one set goal everyone is trying to achieve. In school, especially college, there could be different groups and organizations having individual goals amongst themselves. Based on that simple fact would indicate that writing a proposal for school is much harder than writing a proposal for work. Yet, this is my preference. There could be different circumstances and situations that may cause a proposal for work to be easier. For an instance, you may be connected with many groups and organizations in school and at work, you limit yourself to one department of the company. In cases like this, a written proposal to a school would be much easier to write than one for work.

-Steven D. Jackson

Proposals pt. 2

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When to choose a letter or memo?


A letter or memo is decided upon the audience. A letter format is written when the audience is external. A memo format is written when the audience is internal. You would write differently to someone outside our your organization compared to someone inside of your organization. To make a document visually appealing, you would need a title, headings, and a subject line to make it easier for the reader to glance and know what the document is about without having to struggle or not read the document at all.

-Steven D. Jackson

Unsolicited Proposals


In comparing solicited proposals to unsolicited proposals, I think unsolicited proposals are harder to write. The reason being is because, you are writing to recommend a change. If that recommendation for that change gets shot down, you would not feel pleased and may imagined you have wasted your timing writing it. With a solicited proposal, a reader request is provided so normally you would know exactly what to write. In my field of Business (Administration), I would write a unsolicited proposal to my internal network to incorporate new products or procedures. I would write up a proposal stating what exact changes are going to be made in order to bring about positive growth within our organization. I would use the help of my upper management and board of directors to back me up and also add in new ideas. This would be a team effort as I lead the way. In this proposal, I will need the corporation of the whole staff to rally out these new products and procedures that will establish our name in the lending communities. This is a major change. I will need the support of the whole team to move forward with this process.

-Steven D. Jackson

To start, both formal and informal reports should have a cover memo, like a cover letter for a resume. Each also can be written for inside or outside of the company. Formal reports should have at least six pages of text. It starts off with a title page, and ends with back material such as an appendix or bibliography. Also included in this document are headings, subheadings, and addresses complex problems situations, or events. This document is usually written in a team. Informal reports are much likely written by a single writer, that expands the document up to five pages in length. Specific problems, situations, or events are address by either a letter for external readers or a memo for internal readers. An appendix is optional for informal writing. I personally wrote an informal document and sent it as an e-mail. Every guideline listed for a informal document was used. I made it short and sweet, addressing the issues at hand in the proposal. The only characteristic I did not use was a cover memo. I did not choose to write one due to the format of the e-mail was written in memo style. I hope you enjoyed this battle between formal and informal documents.
-Steven D. Jackson