Formal Vs. Informal Reports

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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To start, both formal and informal reports should have a cover memo, like a cover letter for a resume. Each also can be written for inside or outside of the company. Formal reports should have at least six pages of text. It starts off with a title page, and ends with back material such as an appendix or bibliography. Also included in this document are headings, subheadings, and addresses complex problems situations, or events. This document is usually written in a team. Informal reports are much likely written by a single writer, that expands the document up to five pages in length. Specific problems, situations, or events are address by either a letter for external readers or a memo for internal readers. An appendix is optional for informal writing. I personally wrote an informal document and sent it as an e-mail. Every guideline listed for a informal document was used. I made it short and sweet, addressing the issues at hand in the proposal. The only characteristic I did not use was a cover memo. I did not choose to write one due to the format of the e-mail was written in memo style. I hope you enjoyed this battle between formal and informal documents.
-Steven D. Jackson


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