Proposals pt. 3

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Work Vs. School Proposals

I have not written a proposal for school (yet), but I find it would be a little harder to write than one for work. With work, there is usually one set goal everyone is trying to achieve. In school, especially college, there could be different groups and organizations having individual goals amongst themselves. Based on that simple fact would indicate that writing a proposal for school is much harder than writing a proposal for work. Yet, this is my preference. There could be different circumstances and situations that may cause a proposal for work to be easier. For an instance, you may be connected with many groups and organizations in school and at work, you limit yourself to one department of the company. In cases like this, a written proposal to a school would be much easier to write than one for work.

-Steven D. Jackson


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