Unsolicited Proposals


In comparing solicited proposals to unsolicited proposals, I think unsolicited proposals are harder to write. The reason being is because, you are writing to recommend a change. If that recommendation for that change gets shot down, you would not feel pleased and may imagined you have wasted your timing writing it. With a solicited proposal, a reader request is provided so normally you would know exactly what to write. In my field of Business (Administration), I would write a unsolicited proposal to my internal network to incorporate new products or procedures. I would write up a proposal stating what exact changes are going to be made in order to bring about positive growth within our organization. I would use the help of my upper management and board of directors to back me up and also add in new ideas. This would be a team effort as I lead the way. In this proposal, I will need the corporation of the whole staff to rally out these new products and procedures that will establish our name in the lending communities. This is a major change. I will need the support of the whole team to move forward with this process.

-Steven D. Jackson



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