Happy Birthdate Steven D. Jackson

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Happy 22nd date of birth of the man with action,
Jack of many trades; Steven D. Jackson.
When I was young, I studied.
Not just in school, but ways to get money.
I wrote everything I have ever wanted in life,
I have written more than an angel that have died twice.
Sacrificed my old future for my daughter’s.
Now I could see the light, times kept getting darker.
Pinpointing good relations with a permanent marker.
After I have done my best, there is still a reason to go harder.
Am I still growing, I not getting any taller,
Who cares, the amount of people in my life have become smaller.
August 8th was a fresh breath of life.
Not for me, but for daughter Au’Bree’s life.
Creating goals, setting them, and then achieve.
Making my dreams come true, no more make believe.
I am the best person away could meet,
Funny, full of wisdom, and love to eat.
I fart in my sleep, yet I ever sleep,
My dreams are reality, I am in too deep.
I am becoming an old man, I suppose I could not wait,
As I smile the opening minutes of my birthdate, 3/26/??.

-Steven D. Jackson



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