Include Graphics or Illustrations

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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“Should I include graphics and illustrations to my document?” Some questions to ask yourself before adding any image or graph in your document is followed. Determine the reason behind the graph. Was an experiment conducted to support your text? Do you want the reader to view practical applications of what is being discussed in the document? Is there a table, lab, graph, or chart that can prove how you came up with certain results? Lastly, is the graphic or illustration worth it? An illustration or graphic should support your main topic. It is not needed when the graphic or illustration is weak or does not have a reason behind it at all. Most readers do not like clutter or unneeded texts or graphics. They will either feel discouraged or read a document partially. Think about the questions I have listed before incorporating a graphic or illustration.

-Steven D. Jackson


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