I barely eat. I barely sleep at night. I know in my mind I want to make a change, but something is holding me back. Maybe it is somethings that are holding me back. I do not know if it is opportunities, I do not know if it is other people, I just do not know at all. I wish I knew the answer to every question and why things happen. I have been feeling miserable this past year up to date. I hardly talk to anyone. I hide my true feelings, but this pain hurts. It cuts me like a daggered sword that has been taken directly out a furnace. It burns my heart like a wild fire. The bleeding is continuous as the weeks goes on. I am crying tears on the inside, while the out I seem strong. If everyone that had glasses somehow had x-ray vision, they would be able to see the real damage I have endured. When will I be cured? It seems like I have been suffering for too long now. I drown in my own sorrows and I am moving each body part of mine; squirming. Trying to escape. I cannot wait. Yet, there is a long metal gate on top of the hate that keeps me trapped. All I could do is swallow the pain and it hurts like rocks traveling down a sore throat. I choke! Still drowning in my sorrows. When will these days end, because I keep asking for tomorrow. I feel crushed by life as my past is taking over each of my tomorrow’s. When can I be truly happy? I do not wake up with a smile, I draw it on my face in the broken mirror. I choose to be happy, but I am not truly happy. The truth is my Skelton lives with a dark soul. Bones hanging, while it travels down the dark road. No light, down the narrow dark pathway, which seems like no where to go. I wish new hearts had seeds, because I new one I would grow.

-Steven D. Jackson



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