Aggressive communicator, assertive communicator, or passive communicator.

What type of communicator are you and you colleagues? I am self-employed as a writer, so I do not have a boss or any colleagues. The type of communicator I am is in between an assertive and a passive communicator. I am solely an active listener. I listen to others the same way I want others to listen to me. I usually listen before I speak or speak when I actual have something to say. I am not big on blurting out any chatter, yet, I am précised and very choosey with the words I say. I am a leader. Although I am a strong leader, I lead for those whom follow me and I follow those who are willing to lead. You learn and you teach. You teach and you learn. Another expression is that a teacher is not the only one to teach and the student is not the only one to learn. I encourage all to learn each and every day!

-Steven D. Jackson


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