What is proofreading? Proofreading is the review of a written or typed document. It consist of editing and revision.

How do I know when to edit or revise? When proofreading, a writer should do both edited and revise. If someone else is willing to proofread the written work, the writing should focus on revising his own work and only the other person to edit. The difference between editing and revising is editing focus on grammar issues while revising focuses on structure. When editing, you usually look for the correct nouns, pronouns, subject, predicate, verb tense ect. With revising, make sure each sentence is able to be read smoothly, while agreeing with the main topic. If a sentence does not agree with the main topic, usually it is pointless to keep in the written work. As a reader and a writer, it is great to know the basics of these skills. I would strive to perfect one of these skills and repeatedly apply them.

-Steven D. Jackson



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