As you may know I am a writer. Even as a writer you will need marketing. Marketing is everything!

Living our daily lives, you will find yourself marketing to other people and other people marketing to you. Marketing is defined as the activity for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that benefits a person, organization, stakeholders, a community and a salesman/saleswoman. Each day is a new to recognize or get recognized and also responding as a customer or to a customer. Marketing is everywhere and for everyone. Everyday a new child is born. This opens up new opportunities for products and services to be marketed and presented. There are many needs and wants for every existing human. With the right marketing and correct presentation, you could find yourself building the needed fan base you desire. It is all up to you. Make sure your information, data, relevance, and timing are all in line with each other. This is perfect marketing and this is the marketing basics.

-Steven D. Jackson


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