How important is marketing?
Marketing is taking place when you go to a job interview. You market yourself in any interview or new interaction you encounter. We as individuals are always selling ourselves, for a job, to other people to make friends, and with our passions. I was faced with a position to sell my ability to play basketball at the park. No one knew of me or did not know how I played. While we were shooting around before captains was chose, it was a critical opportunity to prove I was decent even to play. In a pickup game, it is not a guarantee you will be picked on a team. If you show you can play the game and know the rules, you would have a better chance than someone just sitting there. I had to market myself if I wanted a position on a team to play on the basketball court. I wanted to play, so I had to market. Everyday is a new chance to market and show something new. It is a big part of life and something everyone should learn and continue improving.

-Steven D. Jackson


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