Neuromarketing is important because it utilizes the five senses. Also it states, brand logos are not effective, ads with sex appeal do not sell, successful brands function like religion, warning labels on cigarettes do not work, and it is an evolving marketing method. I personally like the new generating ideas of neuromarketing. It is a more direct version of target marketing. Most say it is a concern of their privacy. I am not concerned that marketers will invade my privacy by influencing what I buy. I use the internet and a mobile phone which both puts my privacy at risk. Technology is highly developed and advance in this day and age.
If we know what the buyer(s) are thinking, we would know what to directly provide for and to them. The world is becoming more and more divided each day. Although this is happening, the world has became more open with its privacy. This could be looked as a win-win benefit to both the seller and buyer, because marketer will not waste their time or the time of others by pinpoint each other needs.

-Steven D. Jackson


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