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Good research contributes to the advancement of knowledge by gaining a better understanding of a subject or topic. With that research, the same person could expand on what someone else has said by adding additional research to the same subject or topic. Good research could contribute to the advancement of progress by spreading the word online. In this day in age, most people engage via internet. Communication has advanced tremendously opening up new lanes for online chat rooms, online seminars, emails, Skype, social networks, and a few others. Good research can provide the necessary tools to contribute to the advancement of civilization. History plays a huge factor on our civilization. Good research on past civilizations can help better our current civilization. Good research needs to be done by a person that knows how to research well. They also will need to be interested in the topic or the search may not go well. Good research has reliable and credible information. This could be the difference in the a downfall or the advancement of knowledge, progress, and civilization.

-Steven D. Jackson

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A valuable tip I could provide for the class in improving your ability to remember things by training your mind every single day. You could let your body get physically lazy, but if you get your mind intellectually lazy it would be much more difficult to overcome. Actively read at least 20-minutes a day, exercise, spend time to clear your head, use the power of repetition, eat healthy (you are what you eat) and get plenty of rest. These are something’s I do to help me remember things. I like challenging myself to train my mind and strength it. May I also add your five senses will help you tremendously remember whatever you want to focus on. Hopefully this helps.

 -Steven D. Jackson

Readers are reading research Essays to have their questions answered by the researcher/writer. Although in some cases, A reader could read a research essay to answer questions for the writer. A reader searches for a specific genre of research Essays and choose what they would like to read by the title of the paper. If a reader feel the need to learn about a certain topic, they will be thrilled to read about it.

-Steven D. Jackson

Are you stressed?

Stress is essential to life; it keeps us breathing. Without stress think of how life would be. Stress is not always a bad thing. I believe there is a such thing called ‘good stress’. There are a few ways to minimize stress which are, change the way you are thinking, think happy thoughts, do a favorite hobby or activity, read, take a warm bath or shower, talk to someone you enjoy taking to or love being around, watch a comedy, and whatever creates a smile on your face. The biggest source of stress I have in my life right now is balancing a busy and hectic schedule. The best technique I used to handle this was simply thinking positive thoughts.

-Steven D. Jackson


Psychological Thoughts

Have you ever had any psychological thoughts? Do you know the few psychological perspectives?
There are seven major perspectives. One is sociocultural.

I would agree that a sociocultural perspective best describes human behavior. Biology and psychology are closely related. Human behavior is its greatest commonality. The people you talk to, the people you are around, the environment you live in, music, television, movies, and how you were raised has the biggest impact on human behavior. A weakness of this perspective may be false information, not raised or taught properly, and knowing a person’s true mind-state. Strengths are being able to test this information, target market, find specific correlations, and predict how a person would act and react.

-Steven D. Jackson

I believe nurture has a greater impact on human development compared to nature. The way people are influenced easily by day-to-day society, peers, propaganda, stereotypes, advertisements, and religion are some examples. Genetics are positive for a person actions and reactions, but the environment raises and develops the person and his or her mind-state.

-Steven D. Jackson

“We spend our adult lives trying to regain what we lost in childhood.” This quote is so true by Simon Dillon.
-Steven D. Jackson

Simon Dillon Books

Folded Valley cover

Here is the first of two excerpts from my upcoming novel, Children of the Folded Valley:

From Chapter 1:

“We spend our adult lives trying to regain what we lost in childhood.

I do not claim to be unique in that respect. Whilst it might be argued that I lost more than some, we all, I think, chase after what we once had or never had. What we lost cannot be replaced, but we chase after it nonetheless.

Some think of what they lost with romantic rose tinted spectacles, whilst others are more pragmatic. Some deny it, others get angry about it, others still accept it and seek help from friends, family, lovers, therapists, priests, gurus or anyone else who will listen. But I cannot do that. I can never tell my friends, my colleagues, my wife or my children what happened to me in the Folded Valley.


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Children of the Folded Valley – Excerpt 1.