Good research contributes to the advancement of knowledge by gaining a better understanding of a subject or topic. With that research, the same person could expand on what someone else has said by adding additional research to the same subject or topic. Good research could contribute to the advancement of progress by spreading the word online. In this day in age, most people engage via internet. Communication has advanced tremendously opening up new lanes for online chat rooms, online seminars, emails, Skype, social networks, and a few others. Good research can provide the necessary tools to contribute to the advancement of civilization. History plays a huge factor on our civilization. Good research on past civilizations can help better our current civilization. Good research needs to be done by a person that knows how to research well. They also will need to be interested in the topic or the search may not go well. Good research has reliable and credible information. This could be the difference in the a downfall or the advancement of knowledge, progress, and civilization.

-Steven D. Jackson


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