What are transitions for writing?
Transitions are words or phrases a writer like myself uses to move from one idea to another. This could be in sequential order, in a compare and contrast format, or to change to a new topic. They work by grabbing your attention to let you know something new is going to be talked about or stated. They are important for the overall organization of my essay because, they allow a smooth “transition” to occur by using a word or a phrase to indicate the transition. For example:

*What is my favorite color?
I love the color red. Red reminds me of blood. Blood helps me think about my heart. Therefore, red is my favorite color.


I had a few favorite colors over my lifetime. First, I enjoyed the vibrant color of purple. Next, I enjoyed the sparkles of silver/platinum. Then, I followed the shadows of black. Now, I love the power of red. I ‘also’ love the color red and all shades of it.

-Steven D. Jackson 



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