Do you get enough rest?

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep is very important to everyone’s functioning throughout the day. If I were to lack sleep every single day, I would be walking around like a zombie and some days even worse. Without sleep, our brain lacks proper zest. Without proper zest our bodies become immobilized. Things I do to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep, is to calculate the time I have from my night to the time I have to wake up, to the activities I have to do the following day. I try to get at least three hours of sleep each night. Due to a busy schedule, sometimes I miss a full three hours. I shoot for five and a half to six hours a day. If I know I lack sleep from the prior night/day, I try to schedule in a nap for the next day. Naps are very powerful. The benefits are equivalent to do an exercise and drinking a cup of coffee. Let’s face it, we all need sleep.

-Steven D. Jackson


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