Why are communication and charismatic leaders important?

Communication is not more important to leader now than it was in Hitler’s and FDR’s time. I believe communication is and always will be needed for any time of leader to prosper. Charismatic leaders in particular has to have a strong communication ability and style to lead their people. This is important for reaching goals and even taking risk. Without the communication for these actions, failures could lead their group in aw or dismay. A more current charismatic leader of today would be Bill Gates. Simply leading his enterprise of software into most technology is incredible. Most of all, believe it or not, he is the reason his biggest competitor Apple still stands today. Bill Gates is similar to Hitler or FDR in their communication style because, he provides a vision that works and continually communicates with all aspects of his business. Unlike Hitler and FDR, Bill Gates has more unique ways for communicating.

-Steven D. Jackson




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