Handling Unusual Situation for Public Speaking.

If I arrive to give a speech and I am asked to speak for an hour instead of thirty minutes, I would tell the audience about the second speaker that cancelled at the beginning of my speech. Many coaches encourage you to have more then one speech ready, then choose the best out of them all. If you already have more than one speech, you can add it to the current speech you are having. I also recommend doing a little free-styling and elaborating on a few point you would not had time for.

If someone were to interrupt me, saying “that I am not speaking on the subject the audience has come to hear” I would make an immediate connection to the information I have already presented to the information the audience would like to hear. This will give an audience a chance to think differently, and myself as well. Adjusting to the crowd should be in all speakers skill sets.

-Steven D. Jackson



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