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The world wants you to engage in many functions.As well as activities that blow your mind as a pumpkin.

Thinking it is the norm,

But truthfully you are being caught up in the storm.

Telling you what you need, but not helping with deeds.

Leaving you working check to check, without a pot to pee.

Or a window to throw it out.

Land of Freedom, yet they want you out.

Brainwashing your mind as everything is ok.

Yet, day in day out, you perform the task of yesterday.

It is ok to break the chains and escape!
-Steven D. Jackson 

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Could food affect your thoughts?

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

“You are as lazy as the foods you eat!”

-Steven D. Jackson 

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Steven D. Jackson

Once Upon A Time

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Dealing With Project Changes

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ever had last minute project changes? Read the short passage below and be aware of how each representative of the project take action.

If I was a project manager who had clients and working with various sponsors, I would assure effective communication would be floating swiftly in the air. For example, A sponsor would like to make last minute additions to the project which could cause changes in the budget and “due date” or release. The role of a project manager is to remain stern of the project due date and requirements needed to complete the task. The role of the sponsor is to outweigh the risk of adding or leaving out the last minute additions. After finishing, this should be immediately communicated and updated. This would give a steady flow throughout the project.

-Steven D. Jackson