Learn to Control Your Thoughts & Mind

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Teach Yourself

Guard the mind:

I once read a book concerning awareness and thought control using the analogy of a cat and mouse:

The watcher is the cat and his thoughts the mouse. For the cat to be constantly chasing the mouse (his thoughts) is tiring, not to say never-ending. However, if the cat were to keep watch just outside the mouse-hole, it would be much easier and the mouse would never have a chance to run away at all. Similarly, if the thinker were to maintain constant awareness, it would be much easier to control his thoughts, the source of his happiness and grief.

You could control each of your thoughts by simply feeding only want you want it to produce. If you constantly read, watch, and listen to negativity; you will produce negative thoughts. If you surround yourself with positive people, vibes, and media; you will produce positive thoughts. Your thoughts are a reflection of your actions and what you do with your time. Ever heard, “Use your time wisely”? Well do so!

-Steven D. Jackson



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