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Do you get enough rest?

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep is very important to everyone’s functioning throughout the day. If I were to lack sleep every single day, I would be walking around like a zombie and some days even worse. Without sleep, our brain lacks proper zest. Without proper zest our bodies become immobilized. Things I do to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep, is to calculate the time I have from my night to the time I have to wake up, to the activities I have to do the following day. I try to get at least three hours of sleep each night. Due to a busy schedule, sometimes I miss a full three hours. I shoot for five and a half to six hours a day. If I know I lack sleep from the prior night/day, I try to schedule in a nap for the next day. Naps are very powerful. The benefits are equivalent to do an exercise and drinking a cup of coffee. Let’s face it, we all need sleep.

-Steven D. Jackson


Is therapy really beneficial?

I believe therapy could be someone in a mind state that they were not even in before. It could worsen what one person may see in someone else rather than better. In some cases, there are people out there that do need help. Sometimes it is as simply as having someone to talk to. I personally felt like a therapist in high school helping everyone with their problems. I knew several of my classmates that need group therapy and behavioral therapy. I reason to say too many people do what they see instead of interpreting it before they think then acting. This is why anyone who need therapy actually.

-Steven D. Jackson
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Good Memory Steven Jackson Email this Author

7/21/2014 9:36:17 PM


A valuable tip I could provide for the class in improving your ability to remember things by training your mind every single day. You could let your body get physically lazy, but if you get your mind intellectually lazy it would be much more difficult to overcome. Actively read at least 20-minutes a day, exercise, spend time to clear your head, use the power of repetition, eat healthy (you are what you eat) and get plenty of rest. These are something’s I do to help me remember things. I like challenging myself to train my mind and strength it. May I also add your five senses will help you tremendously remember whatever you want to focus on. Hopefully this helps.

 -Steven D. Jackson

Psychological Thoughts

Have you ever had any psychological thoughts? Do you know the few psychological perspectives?
There are seven major perspectives. One is sociocultural.

I would agree that a sociocultural perspective best describes human behavior. Biology and psychology are closely related. Human behavior is its greatest commonality. The people you talk to, the people you are around, the environment you live in, music, television, movies, and how you were raised has the biggest impact on human behavior. A weakness of this perspective may be false information, not raised or taught properly, and knowing a person’s true mind-state. Strengths are being able to test this information, target market, find specific correlations, and predict how a person would act and react.

-Steven D. Jackson

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-Steven D. Jackson