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iPlayA x MDC
‘Back Against The Wall’

New music regarding pain in the format of Hip-Hop by iPlayA with the help of MDC (Million Dolla Criminal). Two Cleveland artist who are very diverse and speak on many different issues in life through songs.

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Join the Dark Side!

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Teach Yourself

Star Wars

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A close friend asked: “How to Feel When Something is Eating You Alive?”
Steven D. Jackson: My response; (To All)

“Prepare; if you know/feel like it is your last days you do not want to feel miserable, you have to enjoy every moment as your last. Keyword; enjoy! Just know the human anatomy is capable of anything. Sick, unsick; broke or barely over poverty you have to soar.

Have you ever always wanted to do something as a kid but never did? Or, have you dreamed a better life without a phalanx? Understanding these wants and dreams became pulverulent as life sucker punches you where it hurts the most. Should you still have faith in them wants and dreams you want and desire?

You should consider a “change” in life, in this case a mental calmness. If physical pain is present, use your mind to block the thoughts you once had. Replace them with “happier” thoughts to cheer you up. 

Give that a try. Enjoy your favorite hobby in solitude or with one or two friends. And, remember to have faith, never give up on yourself!”

-Steven D. Jackson 

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Sept. 2016

SDJ Books

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This Book is Winning Awards!

Posted: August 25, 2016 in Teach Yourself

Dark Ages Engraved: Volume 1

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Sausage Party Movie Review

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Teach Yourself

Saw the new movie ‘Sausage Party’ this past week had to say it kept me on my toes. Overall I give the move a 3.5/5 stars. Great for a “young” adult date or outing. Please remember that this movie is Rated R; no children. Not sure on the exact part, but near the end I dozed of for a brief moment. Otherwise, quite entertaining!

-Steven D. Jackson 3.5/5 Stars 
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