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September 2nd, 2016

Feature poem from Dark Ages Engraved written to remember the life of an excellent English teacher, mentor, and human being; Faith Deppert-Hurley.


Too Early

Walk with Faith, literally.

Only speak until someone to hear me.

Wanting to see someone, but cannot.

Way over the seas, it is hot, with only material to build are rocks.

But you still look passed the water in the seas.

Remembering your past, remembering the deceased.

Population, peers, family, and friends decrease.

Schoolmates, co-workers, and strangers in caskets or the sea.

Clouds move, clouds transform and change.

So does people, happiness and pain.

Someone told me, the time to cry is when it rains.

Insane at the fact I am sane.

Thankful for every teacher whom blessed me with the skill and knowledge,

Along with the tools that prepared us for college.

Telling me to be better than they were.

Though their life seemed perfect, at least it occurred.

The good die young, and the old die miserably slow.

Mind polluted from all the deaths that grow.

Growing in number, through the winter to the summer.

Trying to bring someone back, the thought gets dumber.

Because they are already alive, living in you.

Their soul exist, and yours does too.

Some live life in another dimension or two.

Some live in the physical state on Earth, green and blue.

Thankful for ‘memory image’ and images for existing.

Grateful for someone in your head was listening.

Memories are never to be broken as a promise.

Never know when you will need to cherish them the most because you miss . . .

Miss a body, not a soul you portray.

Thoughts running as your head lay.

Each night, or resting point at bay.

Carved names in the sand, walk with Faith!

Poem ‘Too Early’ by Steven D. Jackson

Rest in Paradise

“Go with God, God go with you!”  


The world wants you to engage in many functions.As well as activities that blow your mind as a pumpkin.

Thinking it is the norm,

But truthfully you are being caught up in the storm.

Telling you what you need, but not helping with deeds.

Leaving you working check to check, without a pot to pee.

Or a window to throw it out.

Land of Freedom, yet they want you out.

Brainwashing your mind as everything is ok.

Yet, day in day out, you perform the task of yesterday.

It is ok to break the chains and escape!
-Steven D. Jackson 

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Tired of your job?
Need a break?
Have important issues and objectives to attend to?
Planned a nice trip?
Take a vacation!

In America, we have a paid vacation at most job locations for full-time employee and sometime part-time depending on the employer. This is optional. You could stay at work and use the vacation time for extra money. I believe everyone needs a break and time away from the day-to-day work schedule. Take the time to relax, unwind, catch up on house work, engage in your favorite hobbies, take a trip (even if it is not out of the city), or simply get rejuvenated with extra rest. Humans go to work day in and day out being unmotivated, going through the same motions like a robot. Refresh yourself and use your time wisely.

In most cases, if you do not use them you lose them (referring to vacation hours). Vacations should be planned out at least a half a year in advance to meet with guidelines, give both you and the employer time to prepare, it is not rushed, and if money is needed to be saved it could be. This time off could make you stronger mentally and physically and reduce chance of burnout. It is not enjoyable to experience burnout. I repeat, IT IS NOT FUN TO EXPERIENCE A BURNOUT! Take the time for your mind to rest and replenish itself. You will feel much better returning to work than you would returning to work after getting off of work the previous day. Please trust and believe me.

As always, work hard and stay motivated! Set up an appointment with your supervisors to discuss these issues of taking time off. Ask for PTO (Paid time off). This is usually a personal day or vacation days (and at times sick days, but they are not always paid). I hope this helps in your daily and yearly work routine. Get some needed rest.

-Steven D. Jackson

Fear should not be in leadership.

I do not believe it is ethical for an organization to allow its leaders to use fear as a communication tactic. My reason being communication line will be disrupted. If communication is damaged in any way at the work place, it would cause harm to the organization. Employees should be open to their honest opinion when speaking with leaders and vice versa. As a leader, it is difficult for me to use fear tactics to gain the uproar. If you give love in respect, expect it back. If you do not give love and respect, why should someone else? I believe love conquers all, love what your employees are doing by guiding them. Who was ever unsatisfied with love?

-Steven D. Jackson

What are transitions for writing?
Transitions are words or phrases a writer like myself uses to move from one idea to another. This could be in sequential order, in a compare and contrast format, or to change to a new topic. They work by grabbing your attention to let you know something new is going to be talked about or stated. They are important for the overall organization of my essay because, they allow a smooth “transition” to occur by using a word or a phrase to indicate the transition. For example:

*What is my favorite color?
I love the color red. Red reminds me of blood. Blood helps me think about my heart. Therefore, red is my favorite color.


I had a few favorite colors over my lifetime. First, I enjoyed the vibrant color of purple. Next, I enjoyed the sparkles of silver/platinum. Then, I followed the shadows of black. Now, I love the power of red. I ‘also’ love the color red and all shades of it.

-Steven D. Jackson

“Social networks make it nearly impossible to experience intimacy with another human being”.

Technology changed the way we communicate today. Nearly the majority of the population interact with each other through a camera.We see a picture, or a video, or Skype and/or Facetime of the person we are not physically communicating with. I believe if you could capture the same experience through social networks, cellular phones, cameras, online, etc. many people would not rarely meet up physically. The virtual world is the new world, it consumes a good chunk of everyone’s reality.

-Steven D. Jackson

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A valuable tip I could provide for the class in improving your ability to remember things by training your mind every single day. You could let your body get physically lazy, but if you get your mind intellectually lazy it would be much more difficult to overcome. Actively read at least 20-minutes a day, exercise, spend time to clear your head, use the power of repetition, eat healthy (you are what you eat) and get plenty of rest. These are something’s I do to help me remember things. I like challenging myself to train my mind and strength it. May I also add your five senses will help you tremendously remember whatever you want to focus on. Hopefully this helps.

 -Steven D. Jackson

Readers are reading research Essays to have their questions answered by the researcher/writer. Although in some cases, A reader could read a research essay to answer questions for the writer. A reader searches for a specific genre of research Essays and choose what they would like to read by the title of the paper. If a reader feel the need to learn about a certain topic, they will be thrilled to read about it.

-Steven D. Jackson

Neuromarketing is important because it utilizes the five senses. Also it states, brand logos are not effective, ads with sex appeal do not sell, successful brands function like religion, warning labels on cigarettes do not work, and it is an evolving marketing method. I personally like the new generating ideas of neuromarketing. It is a more direct version of target marketing. Most say it is a concern of their privacy. I am not concerned that marketers will invade my privacy by influencing what I buy. I use the internet and a mobile phone which both puts my privacy at risk. Technology is highly developed and advance in this day and age.
If we know what the buyer(s) are thinking, we would know what to directly provide for and to them. The world is becoming more and more divided each day. Although this is happening, the world has became more open with its privacy. This could be looked as a win-win benefit to both the seller and buyer, because marketer will not waste their time or the time of others by pinpoint each other needs.

-Steven D. Jackson

There are many items that could be handed out while you are marketing.
Marketing is sure an open opportunity to sell our products or ourselves. There are a few things that could be exchanged in marketing. Some could be, business cards, flyers, resume(s), email address, phone numbers, schedules, and samples. These are a few materials that are given or exchanged in marketing.

-Steven D. Jackson