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September 2nd, 2016

Feature poem from Dark Ages Engraved written to remember the life of an excellent English teacher, mentor, and human being; Faith Deppert-Hurley.


Too Early

Walk with Faith, literally.

Only speak until someone to hear me.

Wanting to see someone, but cannot.

Way over the seas, it is hot, with only material to build are rocks.

But you still look passed the water in the seas.

Remembering your past, remembering the deceased.

Population, peers, family, and friends decrease.

Schoolmates, co-workers, and strangers in caskets or the sea.

Clouds move, clouds transform and change.

So does people, happiness and pain.

Someone told me, the time to cry is when it rains.

Insane at the fact I am sane.

Thankful for every teacher whom blessed me with the skill and knowledge,

Along with the tools that prepared us for college.

Telling me to be better than they were.

Though their life seemed perfect, at least it occurred.

The good die young, and the old die miserably slow.

Mind polluted from all the deaths that grow.

Growing in number, through the winter to the summer.

Trying to bring someone back, the thought gets dumber.

Because they are already alive, living in you.

Their soul exist, and yours does too.

Some live life in another dimension or two.

Some live in the physical state on Earth, green and blue.

Thankful for ‘memory image’ and images for existing.

Grateful for someone in your head was listening.

Memories are never to be broken as a promise.

Never know when you will need to cherish them the most because you miss . . .

Miss a body, not a soul you portray.

Thoughts running as your head lay.

Each night, or resting point at bay.

Carved names in the sand, walk with Faith!

Poem ‘Too Early’ by Steven D. Jackson

Rest in Paradise

“Go with God, God go with you!”  


14 Lines
What is a Valentine I yet to have a clue.

I know roses are red and violets are blue.

Say my name to others, before they could say who.

You are my lover, my friend, my boo,

My baby and future wife too.

Remember I told you to be mine, and it became true.

Now you are more than my Valentine, endless things we could do.

This journey will be long, I know we will make it through.

You are the warmth of my soul, like chicken soup.

You give and receive, I do the same under our roof.

This bond we have is an unbreakable loop

I am your vase, you are my flowers of new

Our love made the news, the possibilities of me and you.

The 14th line, may I end with how much I love you.

-Steven D. Jackson 
In Love Words poetry eBook


Steven D. Jackson’In Love Words’ Free today only:

-Steven D. Jackson 

“Social networks make it nearly impossible to experience intimacy with another human being”.

Technology changed the way we communicate today. Nearly the majority of the population interact with each other through a camera.We see a picture, or a video, or Skype and/or Facetime of the person we are not physically communicating with. I believe if you could capture the same experience through social networks, cellular phones, cameras, online, etc. many people would not rarely meet up physically. The virtual world is the new world, it consumes a good chunk of everyone’s reality.

-Steven D. Jackson

I barely eat. I barely sleep at night. I know in my mind I want to make a change, but something is holding me back. Maybe it is somethings that are holding me back. I do not know if it is opportunities, I do not know if it is other people, I just do not know at all. I wish I knew the answer to every question and why things happen. I have been feeling miserable this past year up to date. I hardly talk to anyone. I hide my true feelings, but this pain hurts. It cuts me like a daggered sword that has been taken directly out a furnace. It burns my heart like a wild fire. The bleeding is continuous as the weeks goes on. I am crying tears on the inside, while the out I seem strong. If everyone that had glasses somehow had x-ray vision, they would be able to see the real damage I have endured. When will I be cured? It seems like I have been suffering for too long now. I drown in my own sorrows and I am moving each body part of mine; squirming. Trying to escape. I cannot wait. Yet, there is a long metal gate on top of the hate that keeps me trapped. All I could do is swallow the pain and it hurts like rocks traveling down a sore throat. I choke! Still drowning in my sorrows. When will these days end, because I keep asking for tomorrow. I feel crushed by life as my past is taking over each of my tomorrow’s. When can I be truly happy? I do not wake up with a smile, I draw it on my face in the broken mirror. I choose to be happy, but I am not truly happy. The truth is my Skelton lives with a dark soul. Bones hanging, while it travels down the dark road. No light, down the narrow dark pathway, which seems like no where to go. I wish new hearts had seeds, because I new one I would grow.

-Steven D. Jackson