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​​​​Dark Ages Engraved 

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September 2nd, 2016

Feature poem from Dark Ages Engraved written to remember the life of an excellent English teacher, mentor, and human being; Faith Deppert-Hurley.


Too Early

Walk with Faith, literally.

Only speak until someone to hear me.

Wanting to see someone, but cannot.

Way over the seas, it is hot, with only material to build are rocks.

But you still look passed the water in the seas.

Remembering your past, remembering the deceased.

Population, peers, family, and friends decrease.

Schoolmates, co-workers, and strangers in caskets or the sea.

Clouds move, clouds transform and change.

So does people, happiness and pain.

Someone told me, the time to cry is when it rains.

Insane at the fact I am sane.

Thankful for every teacher whom blessed me with the skill and knowledge,

Along with the tools that prepared us for college.

Telling me to be better than they were.

Though their life seemed perfect, at least it occurred.

The good die young, and the old die miserably slow.

Mind polluted from all the deaths that grow.

Growing in number, through the winter to the summer.

Trying to bring someone back, the thought gets dumber.

Because they are already alive, living in you.

Their soul exist, and yours does too.

Some live life in another dimension or two.

Some live in the physical state on Earth, green and blue.

Thankful for ‘memory image’ and images for existing.

Grateful for someone in your head was listening.

Memories are never to be broken as a promise.

Never know when you will need to cherish them the most because you miss . . .

Miss a body, not a soul you portray.

Thoughts running as your head lay.

Each night, or resting point at bay.

Carved names in the sand, walk with Faith!

Poem ‘Too Early’ by Steven D. Jackson

Rest in Paradise

“Go with God, God go with you!”  

Dark Ages



A touch of my heart, is like a kiss of death. Melt until there is nothing left. Turn the pot, pour the liquor of death, Determined by determination, my quest. The fear cause a shock, difficult to digest. Eyes red, up early and late, need rest. Cause my only sleeping grounds seem to be my desk. Coffee, tea, and food, unless. Sleep was decided, usually always divided. Of it, never seem excited. As task fills up our day and mileage. *[Sleeping in class, my dreams gaining knowledge.] Prior to what exist, in the midst. Cloudy evening rain turning into mist. As you close your eyes and your life starts to drift. Sleeping with the dark ages, peacefully. Waking to many faces, blissfully . . . C . . .

Poem ‘Dark Ages’ by Steven D. Jackson  (Introducing a Great Writer – Steven D. Jackson)

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Want to know a little background on the writer/poet Steven D. Jackson?

Read mini interview below:

Hello, I am Steven D. Jackson, am a ‘Jack of All Trades’, but a master to poetry. I find myself needing someone to heal through a natural, poetic flow. Have been writing since I was able to use a pen; single-digit age. Living in a modern age where many things has changed and the value of living is increasing.

Currently twenty-four years of age, with a beautiful daughter age 2-1/2 years of existing. In college, currently pursuing massive debt from school loans and other long-term payment plans; haha. My major is of Business Administration, with a set graduation date to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in the summer of 2017. I wish to open up my own publishing company, SDJ Books; Steven D. Jackson Books. Develop a thoughtful team of writer, poets, editors, and authors as myself, to help discover your purpose to the world.

Written works available at, which some of my written works and reviews on the literature. Presently available works are the novel, “Once Upon a Time” and the latest Feb. 2016 release, poetry eBook “In Love Words”. Hope you enjoy my poetry as much as I do.
Thank you!


Yours Truly,
Steven D. Jackson
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From ‘In Love Words‘ by Steven D. Jackson

Long Ago 

  • What is your favorite poem in ‘In Love Words‘?

“Long Ago” by Steven D. Jackson: You could drown in my heart once upon a time. That was the past, now my heart is broken time after time. Maybe I miss love, because it gets lonely in my head sometimes. Long ago, before life existed, is that considered a land before time? What really happened in the ancient years? So, what came before time or there is not a single human skull that cares? Long ago, we appreciated the smallest things over the years. (‘In Love Words’, SDJ Books)

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-Steven D. Jackson 
In Love Words reviews *View the reviews* 

14 Lines
What is a Valentine I yet to have a clue.

I know roses are red and violets are blue.

Say my name to others, before they could say who.

You are my lover, my friend, my boo,

My baby and future wife too.

Remember I told you to be mine, and it became true.

Now you are more than my Valentine, endless things we could do.

This journey will be long, I know we will make it through.

You are the warmth of my soul, like chicken soup.

You give and receive, I do the same under our roof.

This bond we have is an unbreakable loop

I am your vase, you are my flowers of new

Our love made the news, the possibilities of me and you.

The 14th line, may I end with how much I love you.

-Steven D. Jackson 
In Love Words poetry eBook


What is your favorite poem in Steven D. Jackson latest sensation – ‘In Love Words’ (romance poetry eBook)

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In Love Words: See how words could be used as a method of love (Love Semester Book 1) by Steven D. Jackson
This Feb. 8th (2016) 

 Enjoy poetry? Open this Valentine collection of poems that are deeper than an ocean’s core. Feel the vibrations of each word from Steven D. Jackson and smile at each ending. 
Love is a journey, a journey you cannot get back when it is gone. Release into the world what you want to feel, which is love. Love your family, love your friends, love your neighbor, a stranger, and so on and so forth. Love whole-heartedly, without any regrets. Love is not always sunshine and rainbows, as it is as well expressed in this aroma of words. Take the journey to see what love is all about! 

The world wants you to engage in many functions.As well as activities that blow your mind as a pumpkin.

Thinking it is the norm,

But truthfully you are being caught up in the storm.

Telling you what you need, but not helping with deeds.

Leaving you working check to check, without a pot to pee.

Or a window to throw it out.

Land of Freedom, yet they want you out.

Brainwashing your mind as everything is ok.

Yet, day in day out, you perform the task of yesterday.

It is ok to break the chains and escape!
-Steven D. Jackson 

SDJ Books


Do you know what it feels like to breathe?

Imagine yourself not breathing. It would not be a pleasant experience.

Sometimes, we all get caught up in other people’s lives and not being in control of our own life. Each of us, as individuals, we need space, peace, and a moment of clarity at a certain degree in life. A time for this may pop-up at any time of day, multiple times. 

I never met the man named Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, but we share similar ideas when it comes to your individuality and business. Read the following quote, if my model is not word for word from Steve Jobs, then I do not know what is.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

– Steve Jobs



By Andrea Rurali December 29th 2014


Steven D. Jackson’s Three Steps

  1. Locate your inner voice. Use your inner voice to help you become what you actually would love to. Follow your heart and intuitions. This is number one; top proitity!
  2. Time is limited. Figure out what is second to you (and possibly third) everything else you could discard. You do not want to be wasting your time in something you do not want to partake in. In this category options should be favorite hobbies, sports, working out, cooking, teaching, learning, volunteering, writing, reading, and such other positive things.
  3. Remember why you started. Continue to practice on your craft or business to broaden your skills. This will pay off in the long run. Remember the why first, then what and how second and third. Give others a hand.

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