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September 2nd, 2016

Feature poem from Dark Ages Engraved written to remember the life of an excellent English teacher, mentor, and human being; Faith Deppert-Hurley.


Too Early

Walk with Faith, literally.

Only speak until someone to hear me.

Wanting to see someone, but cannot.

Way over the seas, it is hot, with only material to build are rocks.

But you still look passed the water in the seas.

Remembering your past, remembering the deceased.

Population, peers, family, and friends decrease.

Schoolmates, co-workers, and strangers in caskets or the sea.

Clouds move, clouds transform and change.

So does people, happiness and pain.

Someone told me, the time to cry is when it rains.

Insane at the fact I am sane.

Thankful for every teacher whom blessed me with the skill and knowledge,

Along with the tools that prepared us for college.

Telling me to be better than they were.

Though their life seemed perfect, at least it occurred.

The good die young, and the old die miserably slow.

Mind polluted from all the deaths that grow.

Growing in number, through the winter to the summer.

Trying to bring someone back, the thought gets dumber.

Because they are already alive, living in you.

Their soul exist, and yours does too.

Some live life in another dimension or two.

Some live in the physical state on Earth, green and blue.

Thankful for ‘memory image’ and images for existing.

Grateful for someone in your head was listening.

Memories are never to be broken as a promise.

Never know when you will need to cherish them the most because you miss . . .

Miss a body, not a soul you portray.

Thoughts running as your head lay.

Each night, or resting point at bay.

Carved names in the sand, walk with Faith!

Poem ‘Too Early’ by Steven D. Jackson

Rest in Paradise

“Go with God, God go with you!”  


Readers are reading research Essays to have their questions answered by the researcher/writer. Although in some cases, A reader could read a research essay to answer questions for the writer. A reader searches for a specific genre of research Essays and choose what they would like to read by the title of the paper. If a reader feel the need to learn about a certain topic, they will be thrilled to read about it.

-Steven D. Jackson

Aggressive communicator, assertive communicator, or passive communicator.

What type of communicator are you and you colleagues? I am self-employed as a writer, so I do not have a boss or any colleagues. The type of communicator I am is in between an assertive and a passive communicator. I am solely an active listener. I listen to others the same way I want others to listen to me. I usually listen before I speak or speak when I actual have something to say. I am not big on blurting out any chatter, yet, I am précised and very choosey with the words I say. I am a leader. Although I am a strong leader, I lead for those whom follow me and I follow those who are willing to lead. You learn and you teach. You teach and you learn. Another expression is that a teacher is not the only one to teach and the student is not the only one to learn. I encourage all to learn each and every day!

-Steven D. Jackson