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What is an informative presentation?

Informative presentations are useful, because they give clarity to a certain subject that is being discussed. Informative presentations displays an explanation to simply inform others. I believe the three major functions of informative presentations are, describe, explain, and demonstrate. When I inform someone or a group on something, I describe my idea, then give examples, and use visuals or gestures to demonstrate the info. I personally use Microsoft’s Power Point when conducting informative presentations.

-Steven D. Jackson


Leadership Styles

Questions I will be answering about leadership: Which type of power do you find most effective? Which type of power do you think you have? Do you use it? If so, in what situations? How could you improve your leadership and management skills now that you have a better understanding of the types of power and how they are applied?

The type of power I find most effective is expert power. I believe having expert power could change many situations for the better, if communication is properly addressed. There are great leaders in the world, but there are not many professional of expertise. Having a high sense of knowledge and wisdom could save a group or team, time, the mistakes, and proper decision making while motivating others with their expert power (source).

The type of power I believe I have is referent power. I am likeable, trustworthy and most of all, I drown people in positivity. I like to work hard and still be able to smile at the end of the day. I encourage others around me to have confidence and tools they will need to be able to get a task done. If help is needed, I am at their side like a parent.

I do use the power I have. I referent power when I am working with different clients rather that be for exercise or book writing. I am the coach or the head of the work that is being written and published. I love to motivate others and see them smile. I know my job is never done, because a great leader should be able to become a follower under someone they had lead.

I could improve my leadership and management skills now that I have a better understanding of the types of power and how they are applied by understanding the situation, so I am able to adjust the leadership method I am conducting. Knowing what situation you are in is critical. Adapting to a group or team needs as a leader could change the direction of a falling leaf. With everything being said, I will remain to have positivity and motivation in any and every situation.

-Steven D. Jackson

Making Effective Presentations

Some common reasons for presentations in a business or professional setting are, to establish a means of communication, to implement new rules or procedures, enforce rules or procedures, discuss new ideas and improve on the old ones, strategic planning, demonstrations, marketing issues and discuss future plans. Some benefits of making or listening to presentations in the workplace are gaining more knowledge on a specific subject, develop communication skills, allows everyone to be on the same agenda, and promotes critical thinking skills in the presenter and the listener.

-Steven D. Jackson

Handling Unusual Situation for Public Speaking.

If I arrive to give a speech and I am asked to speak for an hour instead of thirty minutes, I would tell the audience about the second speaker that cancelled at the beginning of my speech. Many coaches encourage you to have more then one speech ready, then choose the best out of them all. If you already have more than one speech, you can add it to the current speech you are having. I also recommend doing a little free-styling and elaborating on a few point you would not had time for.

If someone were to interrupt me, saying “that I am not speaking on the subject the audience has come to hear” I would make an immediate connection to the information I have already presented to the information the audience would like to hear. This will give an audience a chance to think differently, and myself as well. Adjusting to the crowd should be in all speakers skill sets.

-Steven D. Jackson

Why are communication and charismatic leaders important?

Communication is not more important to leader now than it was in Hitler’s and FDR’s time. I believe communication is and always will be needed for any time of leader to prosper. Charismatic leaders in particular has to have a strong communication ability and style to lead their people. This is important for reaching goals and even taking risk. Without the communication for these actions, failures could lead their group in aw or dismay. A more current charismatic leader of today would be Bill Gates. Simply leading his enterprise of software into most technology is incredible. Most of all, believe it or not, he is the reason his biggest competitor Apple still stands today. Bill Gates is similar to Hitler or FDR in their communication style because, he provides a vision that works and continually communicates with all aspects of his business. Unlike Hitler and FDR, Bill Gates has more unique ways for communicating.

-Steven D. Jackson