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Do you think you need goals?

A goal is understanding your capabilities and the actions to achieve a certain task you made alone or in a group. Organizations establish goals by developing a plan to execute for future change. An organization usually have team meetings to effectively communicate with each other the steps and actions each person will take to achieve a short-term goal, which will help them achieve their long-term goals. Communication can help an organization achieve its goals by coordinating, motivating, evaluating, adjusting, tracking progress, and having the ability to help one another with a goal. An organization is a relationship and communication is key for any type of relationship.

-Steven D. Jackson


What is culture?

Culture could be race or ethnicity, but it is mainly a specific group that has certain values and beliefs. There are many cultures in different races and ethnicities just as there are a wide range of diversity in the United States. Yes we communicate differently with different groups. Everyone is different and every group is different. It is the same as you speak to your parents or professors/teachers a different way from how you communicate with your friends or peers. Morals and attitude also factor in the meaning of culture.

-Steven D. Jackson

Do you get enough rest?

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep is very important to everyone’s functioning throughout the day. If I were to lack sleep every single day, I would be walking around like a zombie and some days even worse. Without sleep, our brain lacks proper zest. Without proper zest our bodies become immobilized. Things I do to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep, is to calculate the time I have from my night to the time I have to wake up, to the activities I have to do the following day. I try to get at least three hours of sleep each night. Due to a busy schedule, sometimes I miss a full three hours. I shoot for five and a half to six hours a day. If I know I lack sleep from the prior night/day, I try to schedule in a nap for the next day. Naps are very powerful. The benefits are equivalent to do an exercise and drinking a cup of coffee. Let’s face it, we all need sleep.

-Steven D. Jackson

Is therapy really beneficial?

I believe therapy could be someone in a mind state that they were not even in before. It could worsen what one person may see in someone else rather than better. In some cases, there are people out there that do need help. Sometimes it is as simply as having someone to talk to. I personally felt like a therapist in high school helping everyone with their problems. I knew several of my classmates that need group therapy and behavioral therapy. I reason to say too many people do what they see instead of interpreting it before they think then acting. This is why anyone who need therapy actually.

-Steven D. Jackson
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Once Upon a Time
-Steven D. Jackson


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Psychological Disorders and Theories

Why may someone need a psychologist, psychiatrist, a medical researcher, or simple coping help?
Let me explain.

The cause of this phenomenon may be the lack of intelligence and improper education to the youth. Inadequate parenting does play a role in psychological disorders, because parents are becoming younger and younger. These underage parents are not even fully developed themselves, yet, they have to carry the role of being a parent, child to their parents, student (for most), and caregiver all while being stripped of their childhood and being force to transition into adulthood early. Another factor is when parents continue to drink and smoke during the pregnancy stages. In our culture today, there is not enough nurturing and caring for the community as there were in previous generations.

-Steven D. Jackson
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Who do you trust the most?

Trust! I trust myself and the people I accept around me. I trust because it is respectable, until one may distrust. I trust to get trust. I trust because I have faith. I trust to test if a person could live up to their word. I trust as I do not have a reason to doubt. Trust could mean loyalty. Why associate yourself around people you are not loyal to or around people who are not loyal to you? Same with trust. Trust the people you associate with. Do not associate yourself with people who lack trust or do not know have to give and receive trust. It is like a spell of death. As a result of finding out who to trust, first you must trust yourself.

-Steven D. Jackson

What are transitions for writing?
Transitions are words or phrases a writer like myself uses to move from one idea to another. This could be in sequential order, in a compare and contrast format, or to change to a new topic. They work by grabbing your attention to let you know something new is going to be talked about or stated. They are important for the overall organization of my essay because, they allow a smooth “transition” to occur by using a word or a phrase to indicate the transition. For example:

*What is my favorite color?
I love the color red. Red reminds me of blood. Blood helps me think about my heart. Therefore, red is my favorite color.


I had a few favorite colors over my lifetime. First, I enjoyed the vibrant color of purple. Next, I enjoyed the sparkles of silver/platinum. Then, I followed the shadows of black. Now, I love the power of red. I ‘also’ love the color red and all shades of it.

-Steven D. Jackson

“Social networks make it nearly impossible to experience intimacy with another human being”.

Technology changed the way we communicate today. Nearly the majority of the population interact with each other through a camera.We see a picture, or a video, or Skype and/or Facetime of the person we are not physically communicating with. I believe if you could capture the same experience through social networks, cellular phones, cameras, online, etc. many people would not rarely meet up physically. The virtual world is the new world, it consumes a good chunk of everyone’s reality.

-Steven D. Jackson